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Good Support, Hard Work and a Dream!

When five year old Khyla first came to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Peoria, she had never attended school or any other structured activity outside of her home. She was not blessed with an experienced caregiver, so this was her first exposure to appropriate boundaries and discipline. Khyla has difficulties with learning and would act out her frustrations by spitting, hitting and kicking. Changes were desperately needed in her home and academic life.

With much dedication from our staff and advocating from our program director, Khlya was switched from her previously over-crowded school to a classroom where she is receiving specialized attention. After spending most her life being shuttled from one household to another, Khlya now has a stable home in the loving care of a foster grandmother.

At seven years of age, Khlya has made significant strides. Finally being provided with a nurturing environment, she is making progress academically and behaviorally. We know that Khlya will continue to attend the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Peoria, because her progress to date, compared to the moment she first walked through our doors, is phenomenal. This little girl hasn’t stopped improving and neither have we.  Khyla’s struggles are one of the many reasons why the Boys and Girls Club’s mission is vital to the academic and personal success of many of the children we serve.