These programs empower youth…

…to become global citizens who support and influence their Clubs and community, sustain meaningful relationships with others, develop a positive self-image and good character and respect their own and others’ cultural identities.




Teen REACH (Responsibility, Education, Achievement, Caring, Hope)

Helps youths develop positive self-esteem

The Teen REACH program seeks to help participating youth ages 13–19 years develop positive expectations for their future success through structured activities during out-of-school time. The purpose of this program is to increase academic success and reduce risk-taking behaviors such as substance abuse and involvement in criminal and gang activities. Young people are encouraged to look to their future and see the rewards of positive self-esteem.

One-on-one Mentors

Encourage and help young people make sound career decisions

Adult mentors help Club members explore their skills and interests and make sound career decisions. They help through encouragement, leadership and exposure to the realities of a profession or career. Mentoring is an ongoing process, helping encourage and shape a young member into a positively motivated young adult. Not only does the mentor help with developing a healthy lifestyle for these young members, they also help guide in finding the funding for the future education/college of the individual youth. Our mentors are a crucial component in the lives of the young people.

Keystone Club

Emphasizes service, leadership and community involvement

Club members, both boys and girls, ages 13–18 can join Keystone Club, a positive youth empowered group. It is about service and leadership, inspiring young people to realize their fullest potential as productive, responsible, and caring citizens through community and civic involvement. Older youths lead these groups and are encouraged to be role models for the younger children by their positive life choices, staying drug free and avoiding gang influences. These young people are given the opportunity to give back to their community, both within the Clubs and the surrounding neighborhood. They hold fundraisers to help pay for field-trips and Club activities, and they organize neighborhood clean-up days showing their community that they are becoming productive, positive citizens.

Youth of the Month/Year

Recognizes exceptional youths

Youth of the Month—any youth member that demonstrates positive service and leadership at school, home, church, and at the Clubs can become a Youth of the Month winner.


Youth of the Year—a local Youth of the Year is selected for State and Regional BGCA competitions. To qualify, youths must demonstrate exceptional BGC behavior and be active in Club programs as well as in the community. They must also exhibit good school grades and be a role model for younger members of the Clubs. The local winner receives a certificate and medallion for his/her involvement. State winners receive a plaque.


Rep Jehan Gordon and BGC YOY Basil McClain